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December, 15 2020

Pattern confirms its participation to the Climate Change Reporting managed by the international organization CDP and achieves a 2020 ESG Rating, referring to the year 2019, of level B-.

An exceptional score, almost unique in the fashion world - especially in Italy -higher than the European regional average of C, and higher than the global "Textile&Fabric Goods" global sector average of D.
The ESG Rating is based on an in-depth assessment that involves three areas (Environment, Social Responsibility and Governance), always based on transparent parameters and measurable criteria and clear improvement objectives.
Therefore, only  transparent companies that improve themselves through measurable projects, can have in their sights the ESG Rating.

Pattern is included in the "Textile&Fabric Good" sector and has obtained the following assessment: DOWNLOAD PATTERN 2020 ESG SCORE REPORT

CDP is recognized as the global standard of environmental reporting.The British NGO has a strong reputation and receives its mandate from a pool of institutional investors.The market demand for corporate environmental transparency is louder than ever: 515 investors with US$106 trillion in assets, and 150+ large purchasers with US$4 trillion in buying power requested thousands of companies to disclose through CDP in 2020. They use CDP data, including scores, to inform their investment and procurement strategies.