New Warehouse 4.0

The year 2020 saw an important investment for Pattern logistics, the installation of the New Warehouse 4.0, with a capacity of 13,000 finished garments and equipped with a dynamic structure. In this fully digitized state-of-the-art warehouse, through RFID technology, each item and its movements are uniquely identifiable, traceable, and managed by a dedicated departmental software, a WMS (Warehouse Management System) completely interfaced with the company management software. This management allows several benefits, from a greater speed and accuracy of the Inbound and Outbound procedures to the possibility of a garment storage through the purchase order, up to an environmental advantage given by lower emissions.
In conjunction with the setting up the new finished garments warehouse, the entire accessories warehouse has been compacted and automated through the introduction of two drawer cabinets driven by a software dedicated to the WMS warehouse. This will guarantee greater speed of computerized collection and management of all codes and related quantities, always interfaced in real time with the company management system.