When founded, Pattern set itself the mission to engineer and develop garments, but soon the growth of the business allowed it to manage the business at 360 degrees, from engineering to samples’ realization and collections’ productions, on behalf of well-known international brands: collections realized by Patter now walk the runways of London, Milan, Paris and New York.
In the current competitive environment, Pattern's mission is to internalize the entire business of the clothing industry: from modelling to prototypes, up to the creation of ready-to-wear garments for runways and fashion shows’ subsequent productions.

Pattern works to find a balanced combination of craftsmanship and technology, thanks to its internal workforce and investments in advanced CAD 3D systems, innovative production machines and digital warehouse based on blockchain and RFID technology.
Pattern has always structured its growth path balancing two key elements: technology and human resources. Confirming this, since 2012, an internal code of ethics has been adopted, defining a precise company policy on social responsibility, organization and working conditions.