Pattern Group consists today of seven companies located on the Italian territory, each one focused on a specific sector:

based in Collegno (Turin), Piedmont

Luxury menswear,
focus on outerwear, sportswear and tailoring

based in Spello (Perugia), Umbria

Luxury womenswear,
focus on soft fabrics and jersey, dresses and tailoring

based in Correggio (Reggio Emilia), Emilia Romagna

Luxury knitwear

based in Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna

Wholegarment knitwear

based in Scandicci (Florence), Tuscany

Luxury leather goods

based in Bientina (Florence), Tuscany

Luxury leather goods

based in Reggello (Florence), Tuscany

Luxury leather goods
The presence on the 4 mentioned productive sectors allows the Group to directly manage different transversal businesses, including the engineering and production of hybrid garments characterized by different materials and processes.
Pattern keeps on investing on R&D for the different phases of engineering and production process, such as the development of the most advanced 3D CAD software in the pattern-making and the implementation from 2020 of the digital warehouse with the aim of optimizing the supply chain through the blockchain and RFID technology.

The entrepreneurial gamble, today as in 2000, is based on the business-idea of verticalizing the business: from the engineering to the development of the garments, then moving to prototyping and later samples’ realization, finally the production. The verticalization allows the company to manage with flexibility, speed and efficiency market’s requests.

Pattern S.p.A.
VAT/Tax Code /n. Business Register Registration 10072750010
Social Cap. € 1.426.292,90 i.v.