fashion engineering & production


Today Pattern has an organisational structure based on production units and it employs more than 150 highly-skilled workers. With around 4000 m² between laboratories and offices in the Turin office and more than 4,000 m² in the Spello site, Pattern has extended and improved its workspaces for every phase of the design and production processes, paying special attention to the pattern-making, product development and prototyping phases. Every year Pattern produces more than 30 collections, thanks to a flexible and constantly growing organisational structure, which takes care of every step of the process, guaranteeing the Client the best quality, flexibility and dispatch. Such an excellent service is possible thanks to the verticalisation of the production phases. Pattern’s strength is the ability to follow many different collections overseeing all the design and productive processes in such different categories (from coats and jackets to any other item of clothing).

Pattern SpA
VAT number / fiscal code /  register of companies  10072750010
Social Capital € 1.361.538,40 i.v.